Finz Seafood and Grill
Crowd having fun at Finz in Salem, MA
Capone's in Peabody, MA
Dave Russo at Finz Seafood and Grill, Salem, MA
Paul D'Angelo at Finz in Salem
Dave Russo - Classic Deniro
Dave Russo - Classic Deniro at Capone's
Dave Russo, Lisa DeFelice, and Pete Costello at Capone's
Lisa DeFelice and intern assistant Jamie at Finz in Salem
Mitch Stinson at Finz
Paul D'Angelo at Finz
Capone's in Peabody
Artie Januario, Mitch Stinson, Mark Riley
Artie Januario
Pete Costello at Capone's
Sal Votano at Capone's
Mike Donovan at Beverly ICC
Artie Januario and Mark Riley
AOH Hall in Peabody

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Catch Comedy & Cocktails at venues throughout New England, from fun nightclubs to upscale restaurants and large function rooms. Tickets are for the evening's entertainment only. Some shows

also offer a special event dinner menu for an additional cost and a cash bar is offered at all shows.



 As a stand-up comedian, I look forward to performing at events such as Comedy & Cocktails, presented by

MadWorld Entertainment. These productions are a guaranteed great experience for audience members and

performers alike. From beginning to end, it is readily apparent that no detail has been overlooked to ensure an

electric climate that enhances the show and leaves the customer happy and wanting more. Comedy and Cocktails

is a date you can eagerly circle on your calendar.     ~ Mitch Stinson, Comedian






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